Unique Multi-Author News Blog

Tired of reading the views and opinions of just one person? Then check out Forming The Thread. This blog is open to a variety of authors who take on a numerous amount of topics. On the blogs header, you are able to find subjects under; “World” categories, “Nation” categories, and “Interest” categories. Under each you are able to find any topic or tag that is commonly found on any news website. This is extremely convenient to any followers looking to zoom in on one specific field of media.

Depending on the author, they mostly respond to comments left by followers of the blog. Though Forming The Thread makes it clear in their About section that rude and irrelevant comments will be deleted. The most unique aspect of this blog is that they encourage their followers to contribute to their articles by contacting them through their Contacts tab. This can be seen as an interactive news blog, which can help draw a lot of popularity.

The posts are very much like any article you would find on a news website. The style of the page is much the same as well. Recent posts are the posts displayed on the homepage, while older posts can be researched through categories referenced earlier. The general layout of an individual post is very efficient; it displays the number of comments on the post and its overall rating and how many votes effect that rating.

This blog also lacked some form of “pizazz”. For an open news blog, it could have included more interactivity and show than just an ordinary news page. Though, once again, it is hard to knock its professionalism. Links to the separate authors other blogs or sites would also be interesting to see. Then perhaps they would earn more popularity on their own personal blogs or sites.

If I were overseer of Forming The Thread, I would make sure to open up the gender demographic. As stated in the About and Looking for Authors sections, the blog caters more towards women. Though this may gain more woman followers, it blocks a great deal of male followers that would be certain to enjoy the informative posts.

Still, Forming The Thread proves to ensure a superior spin on a news media blog with multiple hands at work.


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